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  • In short, what are the steps to take to move to Panama  and when? "
    1- Open the Panama company before you start making any personal or criminal records. Think about what name to give the company. Contact us in advance and open the Panama company with us. Do it at least 45 days before requesting personal and criminal documents in your province. It is not necessary to be in Panama to open the company and it must necessarily be done from his home. To learn how to open a Panama company click here 2- Once the company is opened, you start requesting personal and criminal documents, in the Registry and Court. Then they will be annotated in the prefecture for Panama. 3- Send a copy of the documents, in PDF, including your Italian passport which must be used to enter Panama, scanned to our email infopanama@pm.me, this way we start the translations. Sent the documents by email in the same email indicate the date of your trip to Panama. 4- On the first day in Panama he will sign a migration registration document and open an account in a local bank where he will deposit 5000 USD, previously brought in cash from Italy. The bank opens an account only if it deposits in cash so it does not pretend to make a transfer later. The bank simply won't open an account for you. To learn how to open an account in Panama click here 5- You go the next day in migration and proceed with your registration 6- After 3 days he became a resident of Panama and once he has obtained the visa applied to his passport he will be able to leave the country. The payment must be issued in advance, by bank transfer or cryptocurrency. to speed up the whole process you can write to us via whatsapp at the international number + 1-786-623-8177 and order your residence and company, or go to the order page this website and place your order online You can order your residence here
  • Do I have to live in Panama to be a resident?
    No, it is not mandatory to live in Panama to be legally recognized as a resident. Once he has taken up residence he can leave the country. It does not even have to own any property where it can be registered. If, on the other hand, you legally need to be resident in Panama then you will have to register as a resident of AIRE, (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad), at the Embassy of Italy in Panama. Easy operation that takes place in a few minutes from the request.
  • How long can I stay outside Panama while still legally resident in the country?
    For the Panama Italia convention, the procedure to which you submit to obtain residency in Panama there is no maximum time beyond which residency is canceled. For the Panama Friendly Nation Visa it is 2 years, but for your type of residence as an Italian resident in Panama this limit of maximum two years outside Panama does not exist.Unfortunately, it is wrongly insisted that there is a limit of 2 years, but the law on the Panama Italia Convention does not say anything about it, moreover many of our customers have returned to Panama after even 4 years of absence and nothing has changed on their migratory status.
  • Do I need to have a physical address in Panama to apply for residency?
    No. We provide you with one for free. Panama residency does not require you to rent any property, or purchase any property. No proof of room and board in the country is required to apply for and obtain residency in Panama.
  • Do I have to have a rental agreement to apply for residency in Panama?
    Absolutely not. No rental contract is required in any Panama mansion.
  • Is the Panama corporation optional or mandatory for the purposes of applying for residency in Panama?
    It is required. But you can close it immediately after obtaining residency in Panama. It is, together with the opening of the personal account and deposit of 5000 USD on the account, the second and final mandatory requirement of Economic Solvency that the Government requires of the expatriate who wants to obtain permanent residency in Panama.
  • Do I need to have blood tests or medical certificates?
    We in the office take care of everything, you don't have to do anything in Italy or Panama
  • How many days in advance do I have to apply for a company opening in Panama?
    It would be better 45 days on average, before you arrive in Panama. In this same time frame you will send us the documents to be translated via email in PDF, with all the requirements met, so you will have the advantage of staying in Panama for only one week to apply for residency. If you decide to open the company on site and bring the documents with you instead of anticipating them via email to do the translations with you present in Panama, consider at least to stay in Panama a month and a half, as everything we are used to anticipating and producing in remote with customers in Italy, which requires a month and a half of work, we will have to start with you present in the area, so you will be forced to wait here in Panama for the opening of a company that takes about 20/25 days at least and translations are complete before starting the procedure for obtaining Panamanian residency. The company does not need to use it and you can close it immediately after obtaining residency
  • For Aire citizens, what changes when applying for residency in Panama?
    For Aire citizens, residence is always carried out via the Panama Italy treaty, as long as they can prove their Italian citizenship (citizenship certificate duly apostilled and Italian passport with 6 months of validity). If you have multiple citizenship you must always enter as an Italian citizen. Otherwise it may be impossible to complete the file.
  • Once I am a resident of Panama I pay taxes to whom and how?
    You will be 100% exempt from accounting and paying taxes, as long as you have no Panamanian or Panama resident clients that you offer services to and receive payments from. Thanks to Panama's territorial taxation, 100% of foreign earnings and income are Tax Free in Panama More info here and Here
  • Does Panama tax capital gains on cryptocurrencies and forex?
    No. Panama does not tax any capital gains on crypto and forex. Panama does not tax cryptocurrencies, does not tax holding and does not tax the capital gains obtained from them. It also does not tax the interest accrued on crypto staking. If you want to know more about taxes, crypto, Binance, Kraken, Exchanges and taxes between pana and Italy and about capital gains and taxes in Panama go here
  • What is the Cedula E?
    It is the Cedula de Extranjería, which is the national identity card for permanent resident foreigners.
  • Where do I ask to get the E Certificate?
    Once a permanent resident, Cedula E is requested at the Electoral Court in Ciudad de Panamà. We can get it for you if you wish.
  • Can I join AIRE in Panama?
    Yes. You can enroll in AIRE in Panama once you have obtained permanent residency in Panama. AIRE registration in Panama is done at the Embassy of Italy in Panama. It is a very important registration because it allows you to stop paying taxes in Italy and to have tax obligations with Italy. It is the key to financial freedom. Read here about Ade, Revenue Agency, Fisco, Taxes, Italy, Panama and AIRE Registration in Panama
  • Where to buy a residence in Panama legally?
    You can rely on our experience, on Residenzapanama.com we offer a direct page for the purchase of a residence in Panama for Italians through the experience of the oldest law firm for Italians in Panama. With us you will always be safe, in the certainty of the legal and in the wind chimes safety of operating with transparency and total legality in every single moment of your procedure. Furthermore, we are the only ones to guarantee residency without ifs and buts, something that no one else can do and guarantee. The inexperienced can give you a residence in 12-15 days, we manage it within 3-4 days. The time difference counts and makes you understand the experience we have on the subject compared to the ethereal and vain promises made by all the others who never find space on the web except through videos and podcasts since they are unable to index their own websites. since not even Google is able to give them confidence in the topics covered. We are all-round experts and have been working for half a century with Italians from all walks of life and training courses. We have direct links and contacts that facilitate the process and make it practically guaranteed. Unlike all the others, our customers sleep peacefully and the only thing they come to do in Panama is a holiday in the sun and by the sea with an easy residency and no sacrifices, not the other way around.
  • Do you need mandatory medical insurance to enter or be a resident of Panama?
    Absolutely not. There are no obligations in this regard and health in Panama, both public and private, is excellent. You can voluntarily rely on medical insurances that offer packages of all kinds and costs and allow you to take advantage of excellent, fast and safe private healthcare.
  • What are the pros of taking up residency in Panama vs other countries?
    Panama offers immediate residence, we are able, unlike the others, to reduce its obtaining to 48/72 hours. No other country in the world offers permanent residence this fast. Panama offers residency with no posthumous requirements, so once you take it you won't have a single requirement to meet and maintain in order to continue enjoying your residency. Panama allows you to evade CRSs, Tieas and legally evade taxes in Italy once registered with AIRE. Panama has a very low cost of local labor. Panama has a very low cost of living compared to European levels, but offers access to both European and North American goods at a fraction of the cost of origin. Panama has a stable economy, always in constant growth and has always benefited from a zero unemployment rate in the pre covid years. Panama is a secret and secretive offshore tax haven for incomes coming from abroad and for foreign direct investments (law 54 of 1998), which are protected, guaranteed and protected by this law. Panama offers an unprecedented difference for crypto investors who don't want to have accounts with European tax residences. Panama allows you to free yourself from the European tax authorities and from the forced and forced request for financial information on investments and capital in foreign accounts. The fundamental difference between Panama and Malta is precisely not being in Malta and therefore in Europe , totally and secretly and anonymously freeing themselves from Crs, Tieas and exchanges OECD crusader information. The main difference between Panama and the Canaries and Panama and Malta is that Panama is a continental nation, not a small island where you can feel bad tempered and get depressed or bored after a short time due to the limited space available and places to know. Furthermore, since it is not an island, it has zero import costs and consumer goods and products cost less. Furthermore, Panama offers a great lifeline for Italian rentiers and millionaires to invest in sectors such as luxury real estate or corporate non-existent both in Malta and the Canary Islands. pacifico is one of the best businesses that can be conducted in a country with a very high and frenetic vocation for corporate rentals. Yamaha, Honda, Caterpillar, Abbot, J&J, Microsoft, Huawei, and many others are assiduously seeking rents for their employees. Basic rentals start at USD 2200 per month. Furthermore, as we repeat, the luxury of residing in Panama is being outside the European orbit. Completely

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